Although the Spring semester has ended, life goes on at MVSO, where there is never a dull moment. In June 2019, taking trips abroad was on the menu for representatives of MVSO. Where did they go “to have a look-see,” and what did they do while they were there? Read all about it in the lines written below:

Israel: In preparation for the Czech-Israeli Innovation Days

The Vice-Rector for External Relations, Jitka Lidaříková, together with Doctor Marek Vaculík, travelled to Israel to make arrangements for the upcoming Czech-Israeli Innovation Days in Olomouc, which offers an opportunity to set up international cooperation in the areas of digitalisation, IT, education and health care. Israeli Ambassador Daniel Meron, while visiting the BEA campus, as recently as in October 2018, opined “…taking the initiative by staging the Innovation Days event at the BEA campus in Olomouc is a great idea as it combines our focus on innovation and digitalisation together with your excellent scientists, academics, and other very good people, as well as large, experienced companies. We want to come to your assistance by informing Israelis of the potential for cooperation offered by this event.”


Representatives of MVSO also had a chance to visit the Arison School of Business, which, having been ranked among the first two hundred colleges in the world for the quality of education it provides, can be an inspiration for MVSO´s further development. “This visit was a confirmation of a worldwide trend in the area of business education and of the fact that, who one gets to know while studying is coming to have the same level of importance as what a person learns by studying at a business school,” declares Jitka Lidaříková.


Arison School of Business building in the IDC (Interdisciplinary Centre) in the city of Herzliya

Budapest: MVSO representatives welcomed by key partners

MVSO Rector Jarmila Zimmermannová and Deputy Director Vladimíra Sedláčková visited MVSO´s partner school, Budapest Business School (further referred to only as BBS), which is ranked among the TOP 100 business schools in the world and, the ranking chart, the graduates of this school can be proud of the second most respected title offered by any economics school in Hungary. At BBS, the above-mentioned two MVSO representatives negotiated on further possibilities for the development of mutual cooperation with BBS of Hungary, above all in the area of international scientific projects and shared instruction for Czech and Hungarian, as well as international students.

“Budapest is beautiful and, for us, it is a very accessible city with a wonderful atmosphere. Budapest Business School is a modern and very practically-oriented school. I am sure that cooperation with this school will bring many interesting opportunities both to our colleagues as well as to our students at MVSO,” proclaimed Deputy Director Vladimíra Sedláčková.

Gent, Belgium: Prestigious schools focussed on business education come together

Halfway through June, the Vice-Rector for External Relations, Jitka Lidaříková, also took part in the NICE Network Annual Meeting in Gent, Belgium. The NICE (New Initiatives and Challenges in Europe) Network is an international network of top colleges focussing on business education. This meeting was attended by more than fifty representatives of institutions of higher learning. The Vice-Rector, during this event, gave a speech presenting MVSO and the BEA campus in Olomouc to the audience with the goals of forming new contacts with representatives of partner colleges and, especially, connecting MVSO to this network of schools. She also visited a whole row of workshops on the topics of internationalisation and innovation in instruction. At the end of the event, MVSO obtained a favourable opinion as to their admission into the NICE Network.

All of this will have an influence on the further development of MVSO. “One of the benefits will be, for example, the expansion of the offerings of schools for travelling abroad within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme or the chance to draw on world know-how in countries such as Finland, Belgium or Germany,” stated Jitka Lidaříková.

Bologna: A presentation of the Spationomy project

On the Bologna University school grounds, a conference focussed on the presentation of the results of successful Erasmus+ projects took place. The event was an integral component of the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Bologna Process (Bologna Process Aniversary 2019), which was attended by approximately 200 rectors from around the world.

The Bologna Process Anniversary conference of 2019, photo by BPA

The Rector Zimmermannová shared her know-how at the conference in the form of her experience with the organisation of an international Spationomy project, which was participated in by both academics and students of MVSO, Palacký University, Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the University of Maribor. “The presentation of projects is always a great opportunity to establish new contacts, gain feedback and impulses for the further development of a project or, for example for inviting people to the conference which will take place on the 22nd of August on the MVSO school grounds,” mentioned the Rector of MVSO.


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