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Why study at MVSO?

We believe that higher education is more than just a degree
Therefore, in addition to the expertise to be gained in the fields of economics, management and entrepreneurship, we also provide our students, to an equally significant extent, with

  • an opportunity to verify their theoretical knowledge in practice
  • participation in the activities of the BEA campus in Olomouc
  • contacts for building a successful career.

We believe that a university has to provide its region with more than just graduates qualified in their disciplines
That is why we are a part of the BEA campus in Olomouc and, apart from our graduates, we offer to our region

  • the Business Support Center,
  • corporate social responsibility projects,
  • close cooperation with primary and secondary schools,
  • applied research in cooperation with local small and medium-sized enterprises,
  • active cooperation with entrepreneurs, experts and public administration.

We believe that it is necessary to acquire knowledge from the best
Therefore, we actively and closely cooperate with more than 20 universities from abroad

  • we participate in the work of international scientific teams,
  • we publish the internationally renowned scientific journal EMI (Economics, Management and Innovation),
  • we provide some courses in English and we plan in the future to offer our study programs in English as well.

We believe in the development of individuality and the power of inspiration
Therefore, we devote a maximum amount of attention to

  • cooperation with successful personalities,
  • involvement of students in the scientific activities of MVSO,
  • an individual approach to the development of students.

We believe in the necessity of value-anchoring
Therefore, we pay a big quantity of attention to

  • communication of the values of the Euro-Atlantic civilization,
  • public services and corporate social responsibility projects,
  • shaping the life attitudes of students.

> How do we describe ourselves?

> The Employability of Our Graduates

> MVSO Seen Through the Eyes of Students and Graduates

  • We are the only institution of higher learning in the Olomouc region focused on economy and management.
  • We take an individual approach to students and strive to respect students’ personalities and meet their individual needs.
  • We place emphasis on the practical side of teaching – within the process of teaching we do interdisciplinarily conceived case studies, work with model examples of real-world problems from practice, and participate in socially responsible projects.
  • Professional experience is acquired in all years of studies. The Counselling and Career Center organizes practical, on-demand lectures by successful people and excursions to firms and companies.
  • We support entrepreneurship and students´personality development as well as anchoring their values so that they can function well in modern society.
  • We offer an opportunity to study abroad for one year at partner schools within the Erasmus+ program.
  • We offer an opportunity to participate in development and research projects.
  • We offer a helping hand in financing school fees in the form of four types of scholarships.
  • In the process of the preparation of educational materials, we intensively cooperate with the entrepreneurial environment and the Chamber of Commerce of the Olomouc region in order to ensure the maximum degree of employability of our graduates on the labour market.


During our existence, we have produced more than 1,250 graduates who are very successful in the market economy environment. Annually, the employability of graduates on the labour market or their success in their continuation of their higher education reaches more than 90%, namely 97.1% in 2015 and 97.4% in 2016.

MVSO Graduate Success

(Data for the year 2016, 30.9.2016; data source: Integrated Portál MPSV, Semiannual Graduate Statistics, http://portal.mpsv.cz/sz/stat/abs/polo)

To maintain the stable or increasing trend of the employability of our graduates, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of the Olomouc region and our corporate partners, some of whom are represented in the Academic Board of our college, we regularly innovate our curricula and study content in order to reflect the current needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, organisations, and institutions in the region. Our graduates are very successful. They do business, lead family enterprises, are active in the field of public administration or work for Czech or multinational enterprises, e.g. Glycona (glycerine manufacturer), Stavebniny u komína (Building Materials „At the Chimney“), Ataccama Software(smart, collaborative data curation platform for digital transformation), Sigma Group (manufacturer of water pumps), TESCO SW (Tesařík software company), Honeywell (aerospace corporation), Raiffeisenbank, OBI (hobby market – gardening and do-it-yourself supplies), and many others.

A survey, done in the year 2017 among our graduates, revealed that our graduates consider MVSO to be an entrepreneurial college with a personal and fair approach to students. As the key strengths of the college, they have all identified the friendly atmosphere, modern facilities, expert instructors, and an individual and friendly approach to solving problems.

More than 82% of the graduates consider the  knowledge, skills and experience gained at MVSO usable in practice. They appreciate a strong emphasis on teaching in the area of specific management and IT skills, including training in communication and presentation skills.

Zdeněk Sitař, a graduate of  the class of 2014, Director of Quality for Europe, Norgren IMI International (a provider of pneumatic motion and fluid control technologies):

„After three years of studies, we created an incredibly united and close team which absorbed and changed each of us. This team and, especially, the transformations of its individual members, are probably the greatest reward and benefit for us. The loners became great team members, the introverts became friends who have been looking forward to each further event and meeting and who have been actively participating in them. The „nerds“ became friends offering help and support.“

Petra Kamarádová, a graduate of the class of 2014:

„At MVSO, I do appreciate the individual approach, teaching focused on practice, the implementing of projects, a large offer of studies abroad, and broad opportunities for self-realization. I have discovered that it is not necessary to learn theory by heart. On the contrary, we can acquire skills and knowledge in a much more interesting way.“

Jan Mrňka,a graduate of the class of 2014 :

„At MVSO, I liked both the practical lectures of interesting guests and the huge effort to involve students in the teaching process and in the entire functioning of this institution.“

Kristýna Kubínová,a graduate of the class of 2014 :

„During my studies at MVSO, I really liked that we had the opportunity to listen to lectures by external lecturers who had experience in the given field and shared their experience with students by describing practical examples.“

Blanka Kovaříková, a graduate of the class of 2014:

„During my studies at MVSO, I mostly appreciated the professionalism of the lecturers and their high-quality lectures which enriched us with knowledge. At the same time, I have to highlight the pleasant and humane approach, responsiveness, and communicativeness of lecturers.“

Jakub Najdekr,a graduate of the class of 2014 :

„During my studies, I appreciated the professionalism and excellent practical knowledge of certain lecturers. I also appreciate the effort of the college to constantly improve the quality of studies.“

Lucie Strejčková,a graduate of the class of 2014 :

„Cooperation with lecturers, their friendliness and willingness to always help and advice were great.“

Kamila Gřundělová, a graduate of the class of 2014:

„MVSO lecturers have rich experience. The majority of them have an excellent approach to part-time students.“

Pavel Filípek, a graduate of the class of 2012 :

„I certainly do not regret the experiences gained during my studies as I developed different habits both in management and in teamwork. I also improved in the field of information technologies as I passed the course of databases and the basics of programming. Within the framework of my hobby, which is working with graphics, programming and databases, I have gained a lot of experience which I applied when in search of my current employment.“

Michal Líčka, a graduate of the class of 2012 , Personnel Manager at the citizens´ association of TAPAZA (an organizer of summer camps for children)

„My studies mainly taught me to be independent and able to determine my life priorities.“



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