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Why study at MVSO?

We believe that higher education is more than just a degree
Therefore, in addition to the expertise to be gained in the fields of economics, management and entrepreneurship, we also provide our students, to an equally significant extent, with

  • an opportunity to verify their theoretical knowledge in practice
  • participation in the activities of the BEA campus in Olomouc
  • contacts for building a successful career.

We believe that a university has to provide its region with more than just graduates qualified in their disciplines
That is why we are a part of the BEA campus in Olomouc and, apart from our graduates, we offer to our region

  • the Business Support Center,
  • corporate social responsibility projects,
  • close cooperation with primary and secondary schools,
  • applied research in cooperation with local small and medium-sized enterprises,
  • active cooperation with entrepreneurs, experts and public administration.

We believe that it is necessary to acquire knowledge from the best
Therefore, we actively and closely cooperate with more than 20 universities from abroad

  • we participate in the work of international scientific teams,
  • we publish the internationally renowned scientific journal EMI (Economics, Management and Innovation),
  • we provide some courses in English and we plan in the future to offer our study programs in English as well.

We believe in the development of individuality and the power of inspiration
Therefore, we devote a maximum amount of attention to

  • cooperation with successful personalities,
  • involvement of students in the scientific activities of MVSO,
  • an individual approach to the development of students.

We believe in the necessity of value-anchoring
Therefore, we pay a big quantity of attention to

  • communication of the values of the Euro-Atlantic civilization,
  • public services and corporate social responsibility projects,
  • shaping the life attitudes of students.


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