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MVSO celebrates the end of the calendar year

On the 20th of December, the staff and faculty of MVSO celebrated the end of the calendar year in a big way. The high point of the evening was the film guessing competition. Volunteers from partner firms of MVSO prepared amateur performances in which scenes or other hints were shown so that the audience could figure out which movie was being referred to.

The first scene was multimedia in fashion, with live actresses watching recorded actresses on videos made by their fellow players.

In the second scene, pantomime artists with their faces painted in white demonstrated their talents in a language even non-speakers of Czech could understand.


In the third scene, there was a Lord of the Rings story line and costumes, but the dialogues were taken from several other moving pictures.

The last scene culminated in “Dirty Dancing“ which naturally led to the disco, which lasted until late in the night. Tons of food and drink of all kinds were available to all the guests for the whole duration of the festivity.

While waiting for the film-guessing competition to begin, great fun was had by all during the quiz, which included trivia questions, vocabulary word guessing games (one on the basis of a defintion, the other on the basis of drawings) and quickly putting together puzzles on the table of each team.

This exciting event was followed by a “non-theatrical“ performance. Some of the members of the audience found pieces of paper with the names of acting roles under their seats. They played the story of Cinderella in the Slovak language by reading their lines from a screen placed on the stage so that they could see it, but the audience could not.

There was also a chance for the whole audience to sing a karaoke song together or to be photographed wearing various masks with funny sayings on them or to take part in a white elephant gift exchange done in raffle style. For the latter, each person who brought a small gift was given two numbers, one for the gift and one for someone else´s contribution, which they could then take home instead of the one they donated.

Earlier in the month, MVSO celebrated the end of the calendar year by putting on a bake sale on the 4th of December, from which the proceeds went to charity. Afterwards, a visit by Saint Nick brought joy to the children of MVSO employees. Each child had to recite a poem or sing a song. It was amazing what long texts such small fry are able to learn and deliver in a touching way!


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