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DR. MIROSLAVA ZÁVADSKÁ: Be courageous, go for it, travel abroad!

In spite of the fact that Mrs. Dr. Závadská has been at MVŠO for only a brief period of time so far, she has very quickly joined in all school and extracurricular activities. Would you like to find out more about her? You can do so by reading the following interview:

Miroslava Závadská completed her studies at the Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland, where she also gained a prestigious grant to do her doctoral studies in Economics as well as gaining professional experience. In addition, she also lectured at Maynooth University in Ireland, where she devoted herself to economic subjects for students in both the Bachelor´s as well as Master´s degree programs.

She actively dedicates herself to scientific research and presents the resulting data at scholarly conferences both in the Czech Republic and abroad. In her scientific work, she focuses on econometric models analyzing the growth of energy prices in times of economic crisis and the impact thereof on economics in general.

With a view to your extensive experience abroad, it would surely be interesting for our readers to find out what your motivation was for studying outside the Czech Republic and why exactly you decided for Dublin.

I had the chance to travel abroad as a college student. I decided to do so before the Czech Republic entered the EU (European Union), so it was not so simple. Ireland appealed to me, above all, because I wanted to improve my English and gain general experience, but of course it was also the local culture there which captured my imagination. My original plan was to go to a country where English is spoken, for a mere three months, over summer vacation. The idea was that I would pay for an English language course and, in addition, work to earn a little extra money. That was when I was offered the opportunity to travel to Ireland, so I decided to take advantage of it.

Were you attracted by the idea of continuing to pursue your career abroad, in countries other than Ireland, as well?

In Ireland, in the end, I stayed, instead of the initially planned three months, for fifteen years. It is a very beautiful country (when it doesn´t happen to be raining) and the Irish have a sense of humour similar to that of Czech people. I got to know many new people and became acquainted with many new things. Overall, I was amazed by how different Irish culture really is.

During the years I was there I also was offered the chance to go to further countries, for example: the USA, Canada, Australia or Germany, but even though I had the opportunity to travel a lot, I already had my safety net set up in Ireland. What is more, I wanted to be as near to home as possible.

Could you share with us your opinion, based on your personal experience, of how MVSO compares to, for example, the Dublin Institute of Technology or Maynooth University?

MVŠO is a relatively young college, where a family atmosphere predominates. It is not so big, but otherwise I would say that it is quite similar to school as I came to know it in Ireland. The two situations are comparable in that there is an individual approach taken to students in both places as well as the interconnection between theory and practice. Students have the chance to work on case studies from the real business world. That is very important for how students will be able to apply what they have learned in the future, although this style of instruction is not always commonly to be seen at other colleges. As for scientific activity, it is great to see that MVSO is actively engaging in this field of endeavour as well, which raises awareness of our school both home and abroad, and that to an incredible degree. Last but not least, the planned future MVSO campus, which is now in the process of being built, will have a comparable, if not even higher and more modern, niveau than that of other colleges.

St. Joseph’s Square, St. Patrick’s College, May 2008

The campus of Maynooth University, Source: Maynooth University, 2008)

At conferences you meet with experts from the Czech Republic and the whole outside world as well. Can you tell us what the reputation of MVSO is among scientists and scholars?

As I have already indicated, it is very positive that MVSO is involving itself in quality research. In this way, it is raising awareness of its good quality in the minds of people. Considering the fact that it is a relatively small school with a small number of academics, its scientific approach makes a good impression. MVSO has a very good reputation.

Is there any word of advice or any recommendation you would like to pass on to MVSO students? Or is there even something which, for example, nobody told you, but you figured it out for yourself based on your own experience?

I would certainly recommend to students that they should take advantage of the Erasmus+ program in order to travel abroad. They will gain priceless experience beyond belief. A person must overcome their fear of a foreign language or of strangers. Frequently we underestimate ourselves unnecessarily, which causes us to miss out on rich experiences, which could open the gates to the rest of the world for us. One becomes independent and gains friends for life. I really must emphasize the fact that it is important to be brave, go for it and travel abroad.



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