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Courses for Teachers

Important Notice: At the present time the following information regards what is available in the Czech language. To make arrangements for similar courses in English, please contact us.


WHO are these courses for?

Unless otherwise stated, all of these courses are for teachers, administrative staff and principals of elementary schools, middle schools, secondary trade schools and college preparatory schools.

Within the framework of the support for the continuing education of pedagogical personnel, we have decided to offer you several accredited seminars focused on a variety of themes.

Our seminars will help you to heighten the level of your qualifications, teach more effectively and, at the same time, enrich the experience you have thus far acquired.

When selecting these themes, we based the choices we made on current trends as well as on the practical and professional experience of our lecturers and also with a view to what is presently being taught at other institutions of higher learning.

In order to optimally serve you, we are offering you the following two variants:

  • Instruction to take place at your school.
  • Instruction to take place at the BEA campus in Olomouc.

So the answer to the question “WHERE?“ for all of the below-listed courses is the same:

BEA campus Olomouc, tř. Kosmonautů 1288/1, 779 00 or at your school.

For registration and dates for all of the below-listed courses, please contact us. If you have further questions, write to us at this email address:

This is our current offering of instructional activities, both for teachers as well as for school administration personnel, including school principals:


A) Courses designed for a maximum of  twenty (20) participants:


a) Critical Thinking


b) Entrepreneurship

c) Mind Maps in the Classroom

d) Personnel Management IAW Competencies

e) Personnel Management focused on Time Management, Delegating and Council Leadership

B) Courses designed for a maximum of fifteen (15) participants:

 a) Effective Instructional Techniques

b) Presentation Skills for Pedagogues

c) Project and Public Funds Management


d) School Web Pages

C)Courses designed for a maximum of ten (10) participants:

a) Instruments for Creative Presentation in the Classroom

b) Instruments of Effective, Modern Scholastic Public Relations


c) The Use of ICT in Instruction and at Examinations



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