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Student Practical Training

(Important Notice: The following information applies to that which is currently available in the Czech language. If you are interested in arranging for something similar to be done in English, please contact us.)

An integral component of the efforts to have students put their theoretical knowledge into practice is the MVSO project called: “Innovative professional practice system for Moravian Business College students“.

During its course, in cooperation with the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Olomouc region, business subjects as well as institutions of the public sectors of Olomouc region are being addressed. The broadening of the offer of cooperation with firm partners leads to the quantitative as well as qualitative enrichment of the professional practice of MVSO students. Thanks to this innovovative system, employers will be able to hire graduates of the economic-managerial study program who have already acquired practical experience.

If you are interested in becoming partners of MVSO, please contact us. Our cooperation can be, for example, in the form of students gaining practical experience in the partner firm´s business or there is the option of a student working out a thesis on a theme suggested by the partner or even the organization of a mutual seminar or lecture on a topical topic. All of this can be done to suit the needs of either an MVSO student and/or an employee of the firm. It is also possible to create an educational  program made to measure for the partner, and the like.

In case you are interested in joining us in a cooperative effort, please contact:

Dohnalová Marie, Bc.
Center for Practical Experience and Career Skills Application


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