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ALFA-HELICOPTER, limited (AR 2014/2015) 
Students in the second and third years of their studies worked on solutions to problems connected with real-life situations within the framework of a year-long case study, for example how to found a new firm whose influence goes beyond the borders of just one country, to create the media image of a company, and/or the optimalization of its MIS (managerial informational system).

City Hall Prostějov (AR 2013/2014) 
Students worked out a new scheme for the municipal web pages, which was then accepted by a representative of the town council and is now active at this address:

3 Points CIO, limited. (1. 4. 2014 – 31. 1. 2015)
The working out of an analysis of potential customers and strategies for the effective targeting of new and potential customers as connected with a newly proposed product of the firm. The preparation of marketing strategies, advertising campaigns and so on.

IVF TRAVEL limited (1. 5. 2014 – 28. 2. 2015)
Marketing analysis for the debut of a new product on the market. The drafting of a product design based on defined specifications. Innovative and technological audits and the working out of data needed in order to prepare the technical parameters and limits of the firm´s equipment for the manufacture of the item to be introduced.

Our students have already had work stays at the following enterprises:

Hanácká kyselka (mineral water packaging), limited, BRAVO Loštice, limited, Česká spořitelna (Czech Savings and Loan), joint stock company, TOS (machine manufacturing), limited, ANAG (book publishers) limited, TOMA (fruit juice packaging) joint stock company and many others.

Firms which have had schooling with us:
Veolia (Czech water provider), joint stock company., TESCO SW, joint stock company, REGIONÁLNÍ CENTRUM OLOMOUC, Employee schooling for the Logistics College, charitable trust, Continuing Education for academic scholars, managers and administrative office workers at the Natural Science Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc, Schooling for the citizens of municipalities of the Olomouc region within the framework of the ZOKOMOK project, Schooling for pedagogues of the following schools: In Olomouc: Nedvědova pre- and basic school, Stupkova basic school, Gorského Nursery and Basic school; as well as the Kindergarten and Basic schools in Úsov, the basic school in the village of Brodek u Přerova and others.


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