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Academics from China admire Honeywell´s “Kaizen“ culture

Absolute synergy, that is how we describe the cooperation between researchers of the scientific community and the professionals at Honeywell Aerospace, Olomouc.

The Moravian Business College Olomouc (MVŠO) specializes in international education in areas such as business and management. Honeywell Aerospace Olomouc (HAO) employs top-notch machinists, engineers and managers, who practice cutting-edge methods of production and management.

The cooperation between MVŠO and HAO has been built over the long term and benefits both parties, through a variety of shared activities.

An example of the cooperation and aforementioned synergy between MVŠO and HAO is the recent environmental event during which a group of MVŠO students and HAO employees cleaned the river Bystřice.

In projects such as these, knowledge of project management, corporate social responsibility and modern marketing is put into practice.

HAO has, in the Czech Republic and, especially, here in Olomouc, world class experts in these fields.

This can now be confirmed by ten eminent Chinese academics from the Guangzhou (also known as Canton) College of Technology and Business, who visited HAO last week within the framework of a three-week-long program of workshops.

It was a very inspirational gathering. Viktor Halenka, Product Design Engineer, gave our guests, whose respondes were very enthusiastic, an informative guided tour of our facilities, answering all of their questions in his fluent technical English.

They were particularly fascinated by the company‘s Kaizen culture, a mindset that promotes continuous improvement, implemented by the workers themselves and rewarding them for their initiative and ideas on how to make production even better.

The Chinese lecturers also appreciated the fact that HAO, as a significant member of a globally integrated supply chain enterprise, participates in international cooperation and contributes to economic growth worldwide.

The spokesperson for the invitees, Haidee Yiu, shared her opinion with us:

“Honeywell offers very high quality products at competitive prices, attesting to the position of the company and its brand name in the world market. It has a very advanced vision of management. You devote a lot of attention not only to the working environment, but also to investing in the future through supporting  the local communities, especially through education.“

For a business to remain competitive, business education must be focused on contemporary trends. School programs need to teach proven theories in such a way that they can be used in practice both now and in the future.

Due to the fact that Honeywell prides itself on being a Learning Organization aiming at constant self-improvement, professors from MVŠO have the opportunity to teach HAO employees in a variety of courses and classes, including workshops and mentoring.

The Guangzhou College, in cooperation with MVŠO, is currently preparing a student exchange program through which Chinese students will travel to Olomouc and Olomouc students will travel to China.

HAO would like to thank  the academics from China for their visit as well as MVŠO for arranging the excursion. HAO is looking forward to further cooperation with MVŠO.




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