This new publication, by Mrs. Ekaterina Chytilová, PhD is already available in the Czech language and the English version will soon follow! Logistics Management: Examples of Success in Practice took a year and a half of hard work to produce and is now, at last, seeing the light of day.

This book on which Mrs. Chytilová PhD cooperated, together with three local companies: TESCO SW (software), DHL Express CZ ltd. and Toyota Material Handling CZ, points out how to be successful in practice, on more than 150 pages, with the use of case studies focused on trends in contemporary logistics management.

“I wrote this book partially as a supplementary source of study material for my course in Logistics Management and, to some extent, the form it is written in is designed for that purpose. Of course, within the framework of the instruction itself, I try to, to the maximal extent possible, put students in touch with professional experts at those firms, in which logistics is a key element in their daily working processes. The book is, to a great extent, the product of good relationships with individual companies and the logical result of well set-up long term cooperation. Students can, in this way, read in this publication, for example, about the DHL company. In the course of instruction, they get to know Mr. Petr Albrecht directly, who serves the company in the position of customer service manager. They also have the chance to partake in an excursion to visit the company in person. It is thanks to just this form of instruction that students gain not only the necessary theoretical foundations, but also become familiar with a whole row of up-to-date information about an area, which is growing at an unbelievable pace“, adds the book´s author.

And who is this book intended for? In addition to students, it is hoped that also entrepreneurs will take notice of it for the purposes of increasing the effectiveness of the running of their businesses by putting into practice new ideas regarding logistics management which they can acquire by reading this book. A whole row of academics from other institutions of higher learning might also take an interest in it in cases where they need to fill in the missing links between theory and practice.

.“I trust, that this book will fulfill its goal, which was, above all, to enlighten its readers within the realm of logistics management. I did my best to make it maximally easy-to-read and to give clear examples which can be readily understood. This book should, in this way, appeal to a broad scale of readers. I will do everything I can in order to really make the text available to everyone, which is why it will also be freely at everyone´s disposal, in electronic form as well“, says E. Chytilová.

If you would like to learn more about logistics management directly from E. Chytilová, don´t forget to mark the date of the 12th of April into your calendars. That is when, right here at MVSO, an international scientific conference will take place called the International Days of Science.


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