Your life as a student is unbelievably varied and, although you have just started studying for your Master´s degree, you already can be proud of having more experience than many other people who have already completed their Master´s degree study program or who have gained the title of Engineer (Translator´s note: the Ing or Engineer title includes “Engineer of Economics“). Could you reveal to us, please, what made you decide to come to Olomouc for your studies?

There are several reasons for my decision. As early as in elementary school, my girlfriends and I were of the opinion that the region of Moravia is a beautiful place. Although our individual destinies have led each of us to a different location, none of us so far has given up the idea that we want to live in Moravia someday.

In my case it was the vision of becoming independent, becoming familiar with a slightly different mentality and exposing myself to a different style of teaching, which attracted me. To be concrete, I was trying to choose between going to study psychology at Masaryk University in Brno or coming to Olomouc to study at MVSO. In the end,economics won out and so I ended up here in Olomouc.

Did MVŠO fulfill your expectations?

I was satisfied with the instruction I got, even though it was terribly difficult for me, at first, to adapt to the practice-oriented teaching methods here. I had always considered myself to be more of a theoretician and I was used to having to learn everything with precision. It didn´t bother me that I, for example, didn´t understand something or that I even forgot it after having learned it, but, when I came to MVSO, I found out that what happens in the classroom can be done in different ways than what I had known before.

You say that you were satisfied, but even so, your journey towards getting your title was relatively complex.

I was a bit scared off by the practical aspect and that is why I left MVSO to study Economics and Mathematics at Palacky University. There I became aware, however, of the fact that I also didn´t need so much theory as I wasn´t planning a scientific career. All at once I missed having contact with the practical side of economics and the chance to prepare case studies, so I came back to MVSO from UP.

Only upon my return did it hit me, that my second dream was actually coming true. That is, that I was, in reality, studying psychology, because it is an integral part of the study of management, which I view as applied psychology. Whether we are talking about the themes of communication, motivation or strategic thinking, I was always able to find a connection with psychology and that is what kindled my enthusiasm.

In what ways did MVSO change your life?

I would certainly give first place to professional practice as an integral part of my education. All students at MVŠO must, during the course of their studies, gain experience in practice and, in this way, get feedback from both their employers as well as from the career centre of MVŠO. I acquired mine at ČSOB (the Czechoslovakian Commercial Bank). Just like some of my classmates, I was also able to, following my apprenticeship period, arrange for continued cooperation there. At the time, my supervisor helped me as much as he possibly could and offered me the opportunity to enter a “work-study“ program, so that I could fulfill all of my obligations, both my work as well as for my studies.

My college education also changed my life in other ways as well. I see that I have moved forward, not only in the areas of communication and planning, but also in critical thinking. I think that is what college should be all about.

I agree with you that college studies should be about all those areas you have mentioned. The sharpening of one´s communication skills goes together with taking advantage of the opportunity to study abroad.You are now planning to take that challenge and participate in the ERASMUS+ mobility programme. Where are you heading and why did you choose that particular destination?

I am on my way to Maribor in Slovenia to their Faculty of Economics and Business. I take it as a personal challenge, a further step in my personal development. I hope that I will, once again, gain a slightly different view of the world, new contacts and, above all, I am looking forward to the fact that I will practice speaking English while I am there. I feel that it is essential, in today´s world, to be well-equipped and capable in the areas of language and communication. That is another reason why I am glad that, at MVSO, great significance is attributed to the development of communication skills. And it is why I am looking forward to the subject, Communication, Motivation and Conflict Solving, even more than to the other subjects I will have. I am convinced that I will gain, once again, some new practical skills.

That is why I am so glad that I have the chance to travel thanks to Erasmus. MVSO offers stays abroad every step of the way and it is sufficient to simply choose a suitable school, which has programs focused on that which interests us. In comparison with other schools we have one great additional advantage. If you want to go somewhere, this school will support you in that aim and you don´t have to go through any complex selection processes. I think that it it a pity not to take advantage of such an opportunity to broaden one´s horizons. Although a person, by participating, has to step out of their secure bubble and take a step into insecurity, leaving their comfort zone behind, I think that the experience and knowledge one enriches oneself with by setting out on such a journey are definitely worth it.

And now one more, final question. What are your plans for the future?

That is a tricky question. I guess I am not able to give you a precise answer. My whole family is in business, but I myself do not want to start doing business just yet. I would prefer to continue expanding my horizons even more in order to find out how things are done elsewhere. That is why I will endeavour, upon my return from my Erasmus stay, to find another opportunity to gain practical experience abroad. I would like to combine my studies with work. After I gain my title, I would like to depart for some kind of graduate internship, thanks to which a person can try out various positions and clarify for oneself, what is fun and what one is good at.


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