Tuition Fees and Scholarships - MVSO

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

The tuition fees at MVSO are set as follows:

Bachelor´s Study Programs

  • Study Program in Economics and Management – CZK 35,000 per academic year
  • Study Program in Systems Engineering and Computer Science – CZK 40,000 per academic year

Continuing Master´s Study Program

  • Study Program Economics and Management – CZK 40,000 per academic year

If a student is unable to pay the full amount of the tuition fee before the due date, it is possible to negotiate a payment schedule through an amendment (currently in Czech only) to the agreement at the time the application is submitted by the student. The payment schedule needs to be negotiated no later than on the day of enrolment. We currently offer two types of payment schedule: a biannual schedule and a monthly schedule. There is a one-time fee charged for both of these types of payment schedule, that is CZK 2.000 (for biannual payments) and  CZK 4,000 (for monthly payments), see the Directive for the Establishment of the Prices of Study Fees. On the day of enrolment, the student must submit a proof of making the first payment according to the payment schedule. More details about the payment schedule will be provided by the Economic Department.

Tuition can be paid by electronic transfer into our bank account or in cash. Cash payments shall be made at the MVSO Secretary Office or in the InfoHUB / library.

We offer preferential conditions for the payment of tuition fees to students who must repeat their third year (document currently available in Czech only): they have the advantage of receiving the free arrangement of the biannual payment schedule upon receipt of their submitted application. If the student proves that all study requirements were properly fulfilled during the Fall semester and asks for the second payment to be waived, such a request will be granted.


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