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Extra-curricular Activities

Optional Courses

In any given academic year, the students may register for and attend courses that are not only about relaxing actively and having fun with classmates, but also about gaining managerial skills, such as presentation delivery, teamwork, leadership skills, etc.

The courses take up one or more days and are offered to students as optional subjects.

Courses of this type include:

  • Golf Academy
  • Mountain Climbing Course
  • Dancing Lessons
  • A Getting-To-Know Course for First-Year Students
  • Dragon Boat Race
  • Summer School Abroad

Sport Activities

The students may engage in various sports activities during their studies, either by registering for an optional course in cooperation with the Academic Sport Center of Palacky University, Olomouc and the Help to be Fit  fitness center. MVSO also organises some sport activities, e.g. football or sports events (the run to the 18th floor competition, a paintball tournament, etc.)

Student Events

Students actively participate in the preparation, organisation and realization of various social events with the support of their teachers, not only for their schoolmates and themselves, but also for the public. Such events are a perfect opportunity to have fun and meet everyone who is the soul of this college.

Some past student events:

  • annual Christmas fair
  • MVSO ball
  • Run to the 18th floor competition
  • Summer Party
  • Nice Guy of the Year Award

For further information concerning extra-curricular activities, please contact: Mgr. Radim Weiss


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