Evaluation - MVSO


The feedback from students is obtained through evaluation of three aspects of studies:

Evaluation of teaching in individual subjects

  • is done at the end of each semester,
  • is done for all compulsory subjects and compulsory options,
  • comprises the evaluation of the teacher and chosen aspects of teaching,
  • has both written and electronic form.

Evaluation of the examination period

  • is done during the examination period,
  • is done in electronic form,
  • focuses on the difficulty of exams, objectiveness of teachers, sufficiency of exam dates and popularity of the teacher.

Evaluation of the case study

  • is done before the final defence of case studies,
  • applies to first-year students in the summer semester, second-year students in both semesters and third-year students in the winter semester,
  • is done in written form,
  • comprises the evaluation of the creation and realization of the case study, usefulness of the consultations with teachers and cooperation in the team.

After the evaluation is done, the results are evaluated and discussed by the school management, the Academic Senate, the Board of Departments, the Board of the Study Program and expert guarantors. The report on the results of the evaluation, feedback on suggestions discussed and measures taken is subsequently distributed to all students.


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