Enrolment - MVSO


The moment the applicant is notified that he or she has been admitted to our school, he or she has the right to enrol and on that day officially become an MVSO student. The date of enrolment for any particular year is set by the Rector or Vice-Rector and is published in the Schedule of the Academic Year.

A letter of invitation to the enrolment procedure is delivered only to new applicants. Current students do not receive any letter of invitation to enroll in further years of their studies, they simply proceed in accordance with the Schedule of the academic year.

Enrolment takes place in a given room at MVSO, where the first step in the enrolment procedure is filling out an enrolment form. The prospective student is obliged to appear on the announced date of enrolment for the given year of study. A duly justified request for an alternative date can be submitted to the Study Department, but will be granted only in exceptional cases.

The prospective student is obliged to enrol in person. In exceptional cases, a student´s legal representative with a power of attorney may complete the enrolment.

Any student who fails to enrol for the given academic year on the date set by the Timetable of the Academic Year and does not apologize and ask for an alternative date of enrolment at the Study Department within five days will face the termination of his/her studies in accordance with the Study and Examination Regulations.


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