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Case study

A case study is an interdisciplinary and project-oriented form of teaching. It facilitates the orientation in practical situations, enables the students to apply theory in practice, defend the suggested methods and the correctness of the solution as well as practise the managerial and communication skills, improves the students’ ability to argument and work in a team and make efficient decisions, makes use of not only more entertaining but also more efficient form of teaching.

One of the appeals of case studies is that they virtually do not have a “right” solution, one usually ends up generating more questions than answers when solving them. And that is the right path, the path leading to real life employability. Each student of the full-time form of studies defends a case study at least 4 times and through that, among others, he/she practises skills needed for defence of the Bachelor’s thesis.

Students of the full-time form of studies start with case studies in the „summer“ (spring) semester of their 1st year and continue during the whole period of studies. Students of the combined form of studies do not work on case studies.

How do case studies work?

  • Students are divided into groups of 3-4 people.
  • Students are informed about the requirements for the case study and they get the specific instructions during a warm-up week.
  • Further specification of the case study during consultations, adding and searching new information, team work, time management.
  • Solving the case study – meeting the guarantors of individual subjects during the semester, consulting and submitting the particular outcomes.
  • Defence of final outcomes – successful defence means meeting the particular requirements for being awarded the credits.


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