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Professional experience

The aim of professional experience at MUCO is to enable a student to use the theoretical knowledge gained during his/her studies in practice. This way, he/she can also see how the knowledge and skills he/she acquired work in practice.

Professional experience leads the student to his/her professional specialisation that contributes to adequate employability in labour market. The student chooses the organisation and timetable of professional experience individually taking into account his/her field of study, professional career, address, interests and abilities and also considering the conditions and requirements of the organisation (enterprise).

Professional experience is an integral part of studies in all years of study and provides a link between theory and practice. The system of professional experience supports the intention of the university to strengthen and develop the employability of graduates and the economic status of the region.

The system of professional experience consists of the student’s activities through which the student prepares himself/herself for entering the working environment and getting involved in it, gets acquainted with different types of working environment, adapts to the requirements of a specific profession, shows his/her interest in work activities, applies the knowledge and skills gained through different work activities during his/her studies. At the same time the student demonstrates and develops his/her skills, abilities and knowledge applicable in working environment, including solving problems, using information technologies and communication.

Professional experience may also serve as the basis for student’s seminar assignments, courseworks or theses. The student chooses the particular professional experience provider taking into account his/her studies, specialisation, interests and abilities and also considering the situation at the workplace and the requirements. He/she might also make use of the offers of the enterprise partners of the university.

Professional experience of MUCO students is governed by the Code of Ethics on Professional Experience of MUCO Students. This Code of Ethics is an important document that includes a set of basic ethical rules binding for all MUCO students completing the professional experience during their studies.


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