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Practical Training

The aim of setting up opportunities for our students to receive practical training is to enable them to use the theoretical knowledge gained during their studies in practice. That is the way they can find out how the skills they have acquired can be applied in the real workplace.

Practical training helps students choose the kind of professional specialization which will contribute to their employability on the labour market. Students plan the organization and timetable of their practical on-site training individually, taking into account their address, field of study, future professional career, interests and abilities and also considering the conditions and requirements of the training organization or enterprise.

Practical training is an integral part of the study program from start to finish, providing a link between theory and practice. The system of practical training contributes to MVSO´s efforts to strengthen and enhance the employability of graduates and improve the economic status of the region.

The process starts with students actively showing interest by preparing themselves to enter the working environment. Students get acquainted with various types of working environments, adapt to the requirements of the particular career path, show their interest in the job, apply knowledge and skills gained during lessons to their activities at the workplace. Then they demonstrate and develop their skills, abilities and knowledge applicable in a working environment, including communicating and solving problems using information technology.

Practical training can provide students with fundamental ideas not only for their seminar or annual essays, but also for their Bachelor´s theses. Students, taking into account their fields of studies, specializations, interests and abilities,and also considering the situation at the workplace and the requirements thereof, choose a particular practical training provider. Making use of the offers of the enterprise partners of the university is one of the options.

The practical training of MVSO students is governed by the MVSO Code of Ethics on Student On-Site Practical Training for the purpose of receiving practical training. This Code of Ethics is an important document that includes a set of basic ethical rules binding for all participating MVSO students.


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