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CSR Projects

Ever since the foundation of this civil society organization, one of the original objectives of MVSO was to serve the region. We strive to motivate talented young people of each generation to stay in the region and actively contribute to the development of local small and medium-sized enterprises or to devote their capabilities to public administration. Our CSR strategy is based on the general principles of social responsibility and reflects the ideas we believe in. We implement this strategy mostly in the following areas:

  • education and training of the upcoming generation of potential regional entrepreneurs and managers to concern themselves with the issue of CSR as an integral part of entrepreneurship,
  • practical realization of students’ CSR projects in the region,
  • support of the economic development of the Olomouc region via cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular in the area of business innovations, leading to an increase in competitiveness, creating new jobs and, in the long term, increasing the local standard of living,
  • internal environment of MVSO, by means of student internships and the employment of graduates, with an emphasis on work-life balance and economic entrepreneurial cultural ethics
  • scientific-research activity focusing on the issue of social responsibility.

We are one of the first colleges to include the issue of CSR in our teaching plans. We focus on regional promotion and development projects. Students organize many interesting projects each year as a part of their corporate social responsibility courses. Watch this video to see some of these projects:

We are a member of the Association of Social Responsibility (A-CSR).

We cooperate with the International Visegrad Fund on the project of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Context of Visegrad Countries.

We have worked on the second innovation voucher called „CSR Index“ in cooperation with Serendipity Přerov.


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