Admission - MVSO


The rules and conduct of the admission procedures and conditions for enrolment of applicants are set by the Directive for the admission and conditions for enrolment.

Admission procedure dates:

  • First round: 28. 2. 2018
  • Second round: 30. 6. 2018
  • Third round: 22. 9. 2018

The decision on admission/non-admission of the applicant is to be issued within 30 days from the particular admission procedure date. The decision on admission/non-admission of the applicant is to be drawn up by the Study department in written form. The decision is to be either personally served to the applicant or delivered via the data box through public data network if indicated by the applicant.

Two copies of a draft of a studying agreement and an accompanying letter containing information about the conditions and dates of enrolment at MVSO are to be sent together with the decision on admission.

Applicants who will be graduating the same year they file the application have to inform the Study department about the date of their graduation exam and provide a certified copy of the secondary school leaving certificate no later than on the day of enrolment.

Should you have any questions about the admission procedures, please contact the Study department.


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