Science and research focus - MUCO

Science and research focus

Science and research activities of MUCO focus on the area of economy, management, marketing, information technologies, and applied research based on the needs of the region.

On the basis of achieved outcomes, on 30th January 2015 MUCO was included on the List of research organisations of the Czech Republic by the Council for Research, Development and Innovation. As a result of updating the legislation, MUCO requested for inclusion on the List of research organisations of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, where it was included on 3rd August 2017.

MUCO is also an active collective member of the Czech Economic Society (CES). Under the auspices of the Czech Economic Society, MUCO annually organizes at least one lecture by an eminent economist in the premises of the university. Within CES, MUCO academic staff also give lectures at other universities and at the Biennial Conference of the Czech Economic Society.

Areas of importance

  • Economics of small and medium-sized enterprises
    • Analysis of economic indicators of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Support of managerial decision-making
    • International management, Process management, Knowledge Management, Strategic management, Management of support processes
  • Modelling and analysis of economic processes in the regions
    • Models and submodels of the national and regional economy, analysis of impacts of the economic policy tools
  • Unconventional methods in ICT
    • Fuzzy modelling, agent-based modelling, unconventional methods in ICT
  • Cyber security
    • Cyber security, cyber crime
  • Sustainable energetics
    • Energy management, sustainable energetics, decentralization of energy resources
  • CSR
    • Value frameworks, sustainable development


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