Students of the Theresian Military Academy, who studied at MVSO within the framework of a student exchange program, defended their final works.

Moravian Business College Olomouc (MVŠO) and the Theresian Military Academy (TMA) have been successfully cooperating for the third year in a row, as is shown by the fact that the number of Austrian students at MVSO is increasing annually. During this period of time, a whole row of student exchanges, within the framework of which Austrian students have visited Olomouc, have taken place.

That´s how it was in this academic year as well, when eight students from TMA spent the Spring semester at MVŠO.


For the successful completion of their studies at MVŠO, they were required to defend the final work they had prepared. Their expertise fell into the sphere of IT. They were examined by an expert commission composed of the Vice Rector for External Relations Engineer Michal Menšík, Ph. D. the Vice Rector for Study and Pedagogical Matters Magister Baccalaureum Irena Kovačičinová as well as the instructors Associate Professor Engineer František Dařena PhD and Magister Jiří Martinů. Also at the defense, a guest was present, Colonel Dr. Harald Gell, MSc, MSD, MBA of TMA.

The commission evaluated their expertise and the quality and originality of the works themselves. All of the Austrian students were successful at the defense and completed their period of study at MVSO successfully. We congratulate them and wish them many further study successes.

An overview of their mentors and the students´ works

Supervisor Mgr. Vít Pászto, Ph.D. led three student works.

  • Mario Gilhofer wrote on the theme: “Bitcoin and Altcoin: Cryptocurrencies as a Possibility for Criminal Activities in Darknet.“
  • Sascha Rinner prepared a work with the title “Warfare with GPS in the 21st Century.“
  • Philip Gerauer treated of the theme of: “Challenges of Open Source Intelligence..“

Supervisor Associate Professor Engineer František Dařena, Ph.D. led the student works of three foreign students:

  • Tobias Ortner authored a paper with the name: “The Effect of Information Warfare.“
  • Lukas Wielandner dealt with the topic: “Information Systems and the Output in Military Training.“
  • Dominik Gutlederer discussed, in his final work, the topic: “Know yourself and your opponent.“

 Supervisor PhDr. Jan Lavrinčík, Ph.D. led the work of the below-named student.

  • Fabian Fuchs considered, in his work, “The Increasing Importance of Cryptocurrencies.“

Supervisor Magister Jiří Martinů led the work of the following


  • Thomas Wippel expressed his thoughts on the theme: “Algorithms Change Advertising.“



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