What all can be understood as belonging to the job description of an academic? Most of us would undoubtedly say that their primary task is to lead lectures and seminars. Such an answer is certainly correct, however, instruction itself is only the tip of the iceberg of their interests and duties, which also include, for example, meeting with colleagues from other colleges and the presentation of their own research results at conferences. Let´s have a look, then, behind the scenes of academic life at MVSO to see where their careers have led them to travel to in the previous semester.

The question of regional development is key for MVŠO 

In October, Ms. Dr. Jolana Skaličková found herself underway to Brno´s Mendel university. At the conference called,“Regions in the development of society,“ she presented the topic of “The localisation of large enterprises from the point of view of the regions of the Czech Republic“. In her opinion: “The conference was very well-organised. Not only the themes of the individual presentations, but also the personalities represented there were, for me, unbelievably inspirational.The talks by guests from Nicaragua and Peru were very informative. I would like to mention in particular the contribution of Professor Pavlík, who pointed out the benefits of the water element in Nicaragua while, at the same time, noting that water can also pose a potential threat, all within the context of agriculture, health, industry and the environment“.

MVŠO acquires prestige on an international scale

Associate Professor Pawliczek was also very active this semester. Together with Dr. Anita Kolnhofer-Derecskei of Óbuda University at the conference called “Globalisation and its socio-economic effects“ which took place in Rájecké Teplice in Slovakia, he presented the problematics of talent management as one of the effects of globalisation within the area of the Visegrad Four countries. Not in attendance at this conference for the first time, as he also participated the year before, he had this to say about it:“This conference is a chance to meet with a number of my colleagues, with whom I can discuss themes which are of current interest to us. For example I got to know Associate Professor Wlodzimierz Sroka from the Business Academy in Dąbrowa Górnicza in Poland. We stay in touch and I am looking forward to seeing him in person when he comes to our International Day of Science conference at MVŠO in Olomouc, where he is a member of the scientific council.“

Participants in the conference called Globalisation and its socio-economic effects 2018, Source: Žilinská univerzita in Žilina, Slovakia

Partnership with Petrograd state university

In Saint Petersburg, Russia, at the end of the previous year, Associate Professor Adam Pawliczek and Dr. Tetiana Arkhangelská signed, as representatives of MVŠO, together with Professor Igor A. Maksimtsev, the Rector of the Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, a cooperation agreement. Associate Professor A. Pawliczek was also in Saint Petersburg to present, at a scientific and educational fair called Expoforum, Moravian experience with photovoltaic systems and to acquaint visitors with MVŠO. One of the concrete results of this new cooperation will be, for example, seven webinars for MVŠO students as well as a visit by Russian colleagues to the International Days of Science at MVŠO in the year 2019. “It pleases me that our visit to Saint Petersburg was so successful. My joy is even greater thanks to the fact that our academics could meet directly with the rector of the university.It is proof for us that, in Saint Petersburg, they see us as equal partners.Thanks to cooperation with this institution, our instructional and publishing activities at MVŠO should improve even more. We are therefore looking forward to further mutual activities“ enthused Jarmila Zimmermannová, the Rector of MVŠO.

Associate Professor Adam Pawliczek and the Rector of the State Economic University in Saint Petersburg upon signing their partnership agreement.

Dr. Menšík as a keynote speaker at an international conference

Several journeys were also undertaken by Mr. Dr. Michal Menšík. He was, for example, invited to Izmir as a keynote speaker.“It is a visible fact,that Turkey is making unceasing efforts to bring the quality of education and the processes therewith associated up to European standards. That is one of the reasons why they put on international conferences, which give them the opportunity to find out “how science is done“ for example in the Czech Republic or in Portugal, where I have a great colleague – Mr. Professor Pedro Tadeo of the Polytechnical Institute in Guarda, with whom Turkish colleagues have long-term cooperation and it was he, who invited me to the conference.“

Spationomy brings students as well as academics of different countries together

Dr. Menšík, in addition to being in Turkey, also took a trip to Maribor in Slovenia, where, together with Rector Zimmermannová and Dr.Vítem Pásztó, they had a meeting within the framework of their Spationomy project, which enables academics as well as students of colleges in various countriesto network for the purpose of mutually exchanging know-how. This successful model, which originated in the year 2016 has attracted significant attention from other institutions of higher learning as well. That is the reason why Dr. Pásztó presented his contribution in Prague at the Forum for International College Education CZEDUCON, where he shared his abundance of experience in the preparation of international projects.

Interdisciplinarity and internationality as the basis for success

Dr. Eva Jílková gave a lecture at Charles´ University in Prague in the Autumn on the structural changes of the work force under the influence of demographic developments in the Czech Republic.“The conference was focused on the problematics of aging, so most of the contributions were from the field of medicine. However, thanks to the interdisciplinary character of the conference, themes from various fields of endeavor blended together there, for example, the social sciences, the problematics of technology or economic issues. I personally welcome the chance to take part in similar interdisciplinary conferences. At the present time, scientists are focussing more and more each on one specific problem. Often we forget that, if we want to be successful, we must broaden our horizons and look at a given topic from another perspective a bit different than our own. Such interdisciplinarity is something this type of conference can offer to us.,“ adds Eva Jílková.

Eva Jílková giving her lecture at Charles´ University in Prague Source: Charles´ University in Prague

Last, but not least, Mr. Ing. Jaroslav Hubáček presented an article, prepared in cooperation with Dr. Ekaterina Chytilová, as a participant in the international conference on Logistics and Supply Chain Management, which took place at the beginning of December in Prague. This contribution dealt with the problematics of quality management, a theme which he analyzed based on case studies of DHL Express and Hopi, with both of whom MVŠO works together intensively.

Jaroslav Hubáček at a conference on Logistics and Supply Chain Management

So this has been at least a brief list of activities participated in by our academics in this past semester. We thank them by means of this article for their fearlessness in the face of challenges and that they energetically take the plunge whenever an opportunity to do so appears. By travelling this way, after all, they help not only themselves in their professional growth, but, at the same time, increase the prestige of MVŠO at both the Czech level as well as on an international scale. Above all, our academics have a chance, thanks to mutually comparing their ideas with colleagues from other institutions, to improve their lectures or seminars for their students and further to enrich them by adding new, up-to-date topics. And that is exactly what we are after at MVŠO and our main goal, that is, to provide quality, relevant education.


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