Mgr. Pavla Ludvíková, Ph.D. - MVSO

Mgr. Pavla Ludvíková, Ph.D.

Academic staff and senior lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences and Law

Pavla Ludvíková is a graduate of the Faculty of Education at Palacky University in Olomouc where she completed her studies in the field of Pedagogy and the Basics of Social Sciences for High Schools. She continued to study Pedagogy at the same university in the doctoral programme. During that time, she took part in an internship at Valdosta State University in Georgia in the USA. She worked in retail for many years, she even held positions in management. She has also focused on teaching in the area of minorities and multiculturality. Her publishing activity has mainly aimed at the area of motivation, the teaching profession and its prestige in society. She was a member of the organizational teams of conferences on mediation. Currently, she teaches communication skills at Moravian Business College Olomouc and there she is also a member of the Vice Rectorate for Study and Pedagogical Affairs and focuses on mentoring students who are writing their final theses.


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