We wish you a pleasant day, you are a small group of students from abroad who have decided to spend a semester or two here with us in Olomouc. We would like to ask you: “Where you are from and what are your majors?

Bence: I am from Hungary and I study business economics and management at Budapest Business School.

Bilal: Together with Rana and Dilara we have come from Turkey. Our home institution of higher learning is Sakarya University. Dilara and I are studying industrial engineering, whereas Rana focuses on business management.

How did you find out about MVŠO and why did you choose this particular school for your study stay abroad?

Bence: One of my friends spend all of last year here at MVŠO and it was her who told me about this school and this city, that this is a great place to go via the Erasmus+ program. She herself chose Olomouc because she wanted to learn the Czech language. For people in our field in Hungary, Czech is relatively in demand.

Rana: One criterion for my choice was the location of the Czech Republic. As an Erasmus+ student I like to travel and that is why it is desirable for me to be able to get easily to other countries and interesting places. From this point of view Olomouc seemed to me to be an attractive home base for my activities.

Bilal: For me personally, the “cheapness“ of the Czech Republic was important. Other European countries offering us similar opportunities to educate and enjoy ourselves and travel are considerably more expensive. I think that this is a fundamental reason, not only for me, but also for the other students from Turkey.

How do you like being in Olomouc?

Dilara: This is a great place to be an international student. One can meet students from all over the world here, from Columbia to Macedonia. The historical centre of the city is really gorgeous and there is no lack of opportunity to practice various sports.

What is your opinion of instruction at MVŠO?

Bence: The teachers are really good, very pleasant and friendly. Communication with them works very well. The subjects are close to my field of interest and I will surely be able to use what I have learned here when I get back home.

What message would you give to future Erasmus+ students, who come to MVŠO?

Rana: Olomouc exceeded my expectations. Before I arrived, I didn´t have much information about MVŠO nor about the city itself. So far I am really enthusiastic about being here and so I hope that more other students will soon come here as well, because I would like to enjoy it together with them!

Dilara: I think that the fact that I have requested to extend my stay to the end of the year speaks for itself.


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