Ing. Jakub Chlopecký, Ph.D. - MVSO

Ing. Jakub Chlopecký, Ph.D.

Academic staff — senior lecturer at the Department of Management and Marketing

Jakub Chlopecký´s scientific interests are focused on the activities of small and medium-sized businesses, utilization of managerial methods, and influence of macroeconomic indicators on the mining of mineral raw materials. He completed his studies at the Technical University of Ostrava. As the principal investigator he cooperated on the following SGS (Student Grant Competition) projects: SP (student project) 2016/3 Studies on the Management of Industrial Enterprises and SP2015/11 Determining the Degree of Dependency of the Exploitation of Mineral Raw Materials for Construction on External Conditions. He also participated as a researcher in the project SP2017/17 The creation of a system for analyzing of internal and external environment of industrial businesses, and SP2013/218 The Influence of the Development of Energy Costs in Changes of the Energetic Mix and the Results of Such Changes in the Structure and Volume of the Exploitation of Mineral Raw Materials in the Moravian-Silesian and Ústí nad Labem regions.  As a student, he participated in the scientific research project WP8 at the Center for Competence in the Effective and Ecological Mining of Mineral Raw Materials (CEEMIR).


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