Ekaterina Chytilová, Ph.D. - MVSO

Ekaterina Chytilová, Ph.D.

Academic staff and senior lecturer at the Department of Management and Marketing

Among the scholarly focal points to which Ekaterina Chytilová devotes herself belong logistics management, including supplier-customer relations, supply chains and Supply Chain Management. Furthermore, she concentrates on facility management and production management. She has taken part in several scientific research projects. In 2010 she was the principal investigator of a Junior grant of the Internal Grant Agency of the Brno University of Technology, in 2011 she was a member of the research team for another IGA – BUT grant, and, between 2013 and 2015, she was also a research team member in a grant project of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic.

Her expert experience includes purchasing projects and purchasing strategies in small and medium-sized businesses, supply chains and their management. As a lecturer, she has constantly searched for new ways to connect theory with practice. That is why every year she organizes excursions to important factories in the Olomouc region and also invites experts with practical experience in their fields to speak to her students.


Telephone: 587 332 364

E-Mail: ekaterina.chytilova@mvso.cz

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