RNDr. Ing. Miroslav Rössler, CSc., MBA - MVSO

RNDr. Ing. Miroslav Rössler, CSc., MBA

Academic and expert staff at the Department of Management and Marketing

Miroslav Rössler´s initial profession was as an electrical engineer focused on measurement and controlling appliances in electroenergetics. He received the title of CSc. in the field of Bionics. After that, he worked in the Uherské Hradište hospital for 25 years where he specialized in radiodiagnostics, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. Meanwhile, he completed studies in Theoretical and Experimental Physics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Palacký University in Olomouc. He worked as a hospital director for twelve years.

His managerial education included several study courses and study stays, some of which he completed abroad. He has a Professional Certificate in Management and a Professional Diploma in Management from the Milton Keynes Open University. He completed his MBA studies at Prague International Business School and Manchester Metropolitan University. He has worked at Moravian Business College in Olomouc since its foundation. His area of expertise is management, especially basic managerial approaches, tools and methods. He is interested the most in the area of process management, in particular the management of support processes, strategic management, risk and crisis management, managerial decision-making, management of changes and innovation, innovative entrepreneurship, information and knowledge management and human resources management. His involvement in these fields is not only pedagogical in nature, he is also a scientific researcher. His papers have been published in both the Czech and English languages in peer-reviewed or impact journals. He is the co-author of several monographs and textbooks for students.

He also teaches at other universities in the Czech Republic where he gives lectures on health care management and other managerial and economic disciplines. As for his relationship with students, his motto is a quote by one of the best generals of all times, Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov: “More sweat on the training ground, less blood on the battlefield.“ He works with methods and tools of critical thinking, mind maps and other modern study methods. His approach can be best described by the Albert Einstein´s quote „If all of us continue to do things the old way, we will get only to places where we have already been.“


Telephone: 587 332 306

Mobile: 724 444 361

E-Mail: miroslav.rossler@mvso.cz

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