RNDr. Vladimíra Mádrová, CSc - MVSO

RNDr. Vladimíra Mádrová, CSc

Academic staff and senior lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

After completing a grammar school, Vladimíra Mádrová studied High School Teaching with a specialization in geography and mathematics at the Faculty of Science of Palacky University in Olomouc. After having taught mathematics at Technical High School in Hranice na Moravě (1970-1976) and at Economic High School in Přerov (during the school year 1976/77), she became a senior lecturer at the Department of Mathematical Analysis at the Faculty of Science of Palacky University in 1977. In 1981, she passed her state rigorous examination there and received her doctorate degree (RNDr.), the field of her studies was „Teaching general educational subjects“.  In 1990, she was awarded the title of the candidate of pedagogical sciences (Csc.) at the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague. She returned to the Faculty of Science in Olomouc where she lectured and led practical seminars in mathematical analysis until the year 2006 when she started to work at Moravian Business College Olomouc.

Her scientific activity mainly includes areas of motivation and its significance in teaching mathematics. For this reason, she has written a textbook on the theory of differential calculus and put together two collections of solved examples of math problems from this area.


Telephone: 587 332 319

E-Mail: vladimira.madrova@mvso.cz

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