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Courses for the Public Sector and for Enterprises

Important Notice: At the present time the following information regards what is available in the Czech language. To make arrangements for similar courses in English, please contact us.


Introduction to Crisis Management

Introduction to Organizational Risk Management

Organizational Learning

Basics of Manufacturing Management

Strategic Organizational Analysis


Working Out Statistical and Financial Tasks in Excell

Process Management

The Management of Organizational Changes

Social Organizational Responsibility

Project Management

Effective Time Management

Selected Practical Managerial Problems

Human Resources

Human Resource Management

Managerial Techniques

Leadership Styles

The Role and Relationship of the Manager to Subordinates

Managerial Interviews

Recruiting and Selecting New Employees

Teambuilding  – A Course to Improve Knowledge and Skills

Training for Trainers

Training Techniques for the Professional Development of Subordinates

Talent Management

Effective Communication

Basic Communication Skills

The Art of Assertivity

Organizational Communication Methods

Presentational Skills

Interview Techniques

Conflict Resolution

Chairing Meetings

How to Overcome Difficulties


Sales Management

Basic Managerial Methods

How to Treat Customers

Basic Selling Skills

Marketing and Media

Media Communication

The World of Marketing

Instruments for Creative Presentation

Instruments for Modern and Effective Public Relations

Personality Development

Individual Careers

Analysis of Personal Potential


Personnel Management

Typology of the Managerial Personality

Further Creative Techniques

Mind Maps

Critical Thinking

The Use of IT Technologies

The Use of ICT in Practice

Introduction to Geoinformational Technology

Introduction to the Cartographical Visualization of Data

Basics of VB.NET Object-Oriented Programming

Language Courses

We offer courses in the English, German and Russian languages.

Outdoor and Experiential Activity

Outdoor and experiential activities

We prepare courses made-to-measure in accordance with the specific requirements of your firm. The length and content of the courses will be adjusted based on the agreement you come to with us.

The courses can take place in the spaces belonging to MVSO Olomouc at our BEA campus or at your address.

The price always includes instruction, printed materials and refreshments.

Graduates and Students of  MVSO receive a 10 % discount.


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