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Terms and Conditions Applicable to Educational Events

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Moravian Business College (MVSO) Olomouc, civil society organization
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Written in the business register of the regional court of law in Ostrava under the code: O 202 (further referred to as MVSO)

These business conditions set out the mutual relations between the customer placing an order for an educational event (further Ordering Party) and its Provider, that is, the company which goes by the name of Moravian Business College Olomouc, civil society organization.

  1. Definition of Terms:

1.1 An educational event is any course, including on-line courses, distance long-term educational courses and e-learning courses as well as seminars, workshops, webinars, conferences and/or further types of educational programs.
1.2 The Ordering Party is the person or firm interested in participating in an educational event or having it organized and put on.

1.3 The Order is a written application for the realization of an educational event or the application in electronic format by a future participant interested in a given educational event. In case anything is unclear, it is possible, based on a prior agreement with the Provider of the educational event,to send the application by e-mail.

1.4 The Provider of educational events is the MVSO company.

1.5 The Participant in an educational event is a person who directly and physically takes part in it.

  1. The Ordering of Educational Events and the Closing of a Purchase Agreement

2.1 Each and every order placed by the Ordering Party is binding.

2.2 Orders are sent via the http://mvso.cz/en/ web page. The act of sending an order in this way closes a purchase agreement between the Ordering Party and the MVSO company.

2.3 By the act of sending in an order, the customer confirms the correctness of all data in the order and at the same time expresses agreement with the commercial conditions of the MVSO company.
2.4 Individual orders are recorded in the order in which they are received.

2.5 The Ordering Party of any educational event will recieve a confirmation of the Order by the Provider post haste.

2.6 Unless otherwise stated, the applications can be received no later than 10 days before the date the educational event starts.

  1. Payment Conditions

3.1 It is necessary to pay the amount owed for participation in the educational event based on the instructions provided by the Provider of the educational event.

3.2 The price of participation in an educational event includes value-added tax (further referred to as DPH), with the exception of courses to which no value-added tax is attached. DPH is not calculated in the case of some accredited courses (see 3.3.)

3.3 The continuing education of pedagogical personnel (further referred to as DVPP) is carried out in in accordance with the following: Law No. 563/2004 of the Book of Laws governing pedagogical workplaces and changes to some laws in the form of amendments as well as Proclamation No.317/2005 of the Book of Laws governing DVPP, accreditation commissions and the career system for pedagogical personnel in the form of amendments. In these cases, there is no requirement to pay DPH.
3.4 The Ordering Party can agree with the MVSO  company to the payment in cash of the amount due for participation in the given educational event. Such a payment must be made at the latest by the first day of the event itself.

3.5 A tax document will be issued based on the amount paid for participation in the given educational event.

3.6 The right to participate in the educational event comes into existence upon payment of the given amount required for participation in the given educational event.

  1. Cancellation/Termination/Withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement

4.1 The Provider reserves the right to cancel an educational event if there are serious organizational or operational reasons or to agree with the Ordering Party on a different date.

4.2 The Ordering Party or participant in an educational event can withdraw from the purchase agreement and cancel participation up to 10 days before the scheduled date at the latest. In such a case, the Ordering Party or the participant has the right to receive that money back which has already been paid and for which they have evidence of payment. The cancellation of an order under these circumstances is free of charge.

4.3 The MVSO company is not required to take account of any cancellation by the participant attempted in a period closer to the date of the event than 10 days prior. In this case the Ordering Party is required to pay the full price for the educational event if the capacity of the course is not filled.

4.4 The Ordering Party, if unable to participate,has the right to send a substitute participant to the event, however, it is mandatory that the Provider be informed about this before the educational event begins to take place.

  1. Other Information

5.1 The MVSO company reserves the right to change the program of a given educational event., such as substituting a different lecturer or putting a lesson into a different classroom.

5.2 Every participant will receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the given event.
5.3 The Ordering Party or participant in the given educational event will provide the MVSO company with contact information on the order form, hereby giving consent to being sent business communication in accordance with Law No. 480/2004 of the Book of Laws. This consent can be withdrawn at any time in writing. The MVSO company guarantees that information it acquires in this manner will not be provided to third parties.

5.4 Complaints or other requests which come up during the period in which the educational event is taking place will be resolved on an individual basis.

5.5 These general commercial conditions are an integral component of the purchase agreement. Each and every newer version of these commercial conditions will be available on the web pages of the MVSO company and will be marked with the starting date on which they begin to be valid.

All orders and participation in educational events are always subject to the latest version of the commercial conditions.

The above-listed commercial conditions are in effect as of 22nd August 2016





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