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Forms of co-operation

The proposed solutions can be realised through different forms of cooperation.

Innovation vouchers of the Olomouc Region

The Innovation vouchers project is announced by the Olomouc Region as a part of the Regional Innovation Strategy RIS3. It is a financial tool supporting the development of cooperation among business entities and scientific research bodies in the field of enhancing the innovation potential of enterprises in the region.

Student innovations in enterprises of the Olomouc Region

Project of the Olomouc Region supporting the involvement of third-year university students in innovation projects in enterprises.

Students’ professional experience and internship

Students gain their professional experience and do their internship in enterprises that have made an agreement with MUCO, these are not being paid. The form of professional experience or internship depends on the individual needs of the enterprise, the students may help with dealing with current one-time issues or it can be a continuous long-term cooperation.

Enterprise partners in teaching

Students mentored by expert teachers deal with actual problems of the enterprise partner in their case studies or in theses. They conduct analyses based on real data and propose suitable solutions.

Consultations, expert consultancy

MUCO experts observe and participate in forming the latest development in economic-managerial disciplines and put emphasis on their practical application. The cooperation can take the form of expert consultancy or involvement in applied research projects.

Education of employees

Development and deepening of qualification and knowledge of enterprise employees can take the form of complex university studies or courses of lifelong learning.


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