Co-operation with enterprises - MUCO

Co-operation with enterprises

Management and strategic management

  • Business plan preparation and consultation
  • Analysis, preparation and implementation of the enterprise strategy
  • Analysis of the possibility of lean management implementation
  • Audit before the implementation of Learning Organisation Elements
  • Analysis of outsourcing options

Marketing strategy

  • Analysis of integrated marketing communications
  • Analysis of the internal and external enterprise environment
  • Analysis of the enterprise customer profile
  • Enterprise communication strategy development
  • Brand Awareness survey realisation
  • Public Relations

Online marketing

  • Analysis of the online marketing tools application
  • Online marketing strategy proposal

Economy and finance

  • Innovation of measurement systems and enterprise performance management
  • Preparation of an entrepreneur for the change in business models
  • Analysis of the impact of economic policy on the enterprise
  • Monitoring of EU legislation and development of grant opportunities
  • Analysis of financial situation and enterprise financing
  • Analysis of potential investments
  • Evaluation of enterprise investment efficiency
  • Analysis of financial performance
  • Financial accounting and tax agenda consultancy
  • Assessment of cost management from the point of view of organisational structures
  • Overhead costs analysis
  • Cost accounting systems assessment
  • Alternative financing proposal
  • Analysis and planning of incomes, expenses and profit and loss of the enterprise

Financial management

  • Innovation of costing and cost accounting system together with the cost optimisation proposal
  • Proposal for cost effectiveness of the innovation of technological procedures aiming at cost saving
  • Investments evaluation within the innovation process
  • Innovation of the system of managerial accounting in order to improve economic management of the enterprise

Production, technology

  • Consultation on the state of application of changes and deviations management within the standards of the enterprise and product prices relating to product, technological and organizational changes
  • Recommendation of changes in order to raise the degree of compliance between legislative and price changes and innovation outputs
  • Cooperation when reflecting savings and effects in the financial or capacity plan
  • Help with planning of benefits of technical development and its relationship with the plans of enterprise financial performance

Process management

  • Process audit / Process analysis of enterprise performance
  • Consultancy in the field of transition to process management
  • Application of process management models and their level of maturity
  • Inclusion of utility effects and technological innovations savings in the product price and cost accounting system

Market research and analysis  

  • Realisation of surveys
  • Quantitative and qualitative interpretation of data
  • Analysis of application options on foreign markets
  • Evaluation of supplier-customer chains

Analysis and innovation of logistic processes

  • Optimisation of stock keeping and supplying aiming at cost minimisation
  • Proposal for implementation of modern logistic technologies (JIT, KANBAN, cross-docking etc.)

Grant opportunities

  • Search for suitable grant opportunities for your innovation, developmental and/or educational programmes
  • Project application process support
  • Administrative and economic service within the project realisation (monitoring reports processing, checking compliance with rules for drawing grants etc.)

Innovation audit

  • Analysis of the business innovation system of the enterprise
  • Identification of context and market opportunities
  • Segmentation and prioritisation of their marketing potential
  • Business developmental project proposal
  • Prioritisation of needs and sources of the enterprise
  • Definition of a business offer, its business model and a marketing mix for the primary market segment


  • IT services – product/service development – website, database
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – proposal and realisation of socially responsible projects


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