Cooperation with Enterprises - MVSO

Cooperation with Enterprises

Areas of Cooperation and Our Offer of Potential Solutions

Management and Strategic Management

  • Business plan preparation and consultation
  • The analysis, preparation and implementation of an effective business strategy
  • Analysis of the potential for lean management implementation
  • Audit prior to the implementation of Learning Organization Elements
  • Analysis of outsourcing options

Marketing Strategy

  • Analysis of integrated marketing communications
  • Analysis of the internal and external business environment
  • Analysis of the business customer profile
  • Enterprise communication strategy development
  • Brand Awareness surveys
  • Public Relations

Online Marketing

  • Analysis of the use of online marketing tools
  • Online marketing strategy proposal

Economy and Finance

  • Innovation of measurement systems and enterprise performance management
  • Preparation of the entrepreneur for changes in business models
  • Analysis of the impact of economic policy on the enterprise
  • Monitoring the EU legislation and taking advantage of grant opportunities
  • Business finance and financial situation analysis
  • Analysis of potential investments
  • Evaluation of the enterprise´s investment efficiency
  • Analysis of financial performance
  • Financial accounting and tax agenda consultancy
  • Assessment of cost management with a view to organizational structures
  • Overhead costs analysis
  • Cost accounting systems assessment
  • Alternative financing proposals
  • The analysis and planning of business income, expenses, profits and losses

Financial Management

  • Innovations to the calculative and cost accounting systems together with a cost optimization proposal
  • Proposals for the cost effective innovation of technological procedures aimed at reducing costs
  • Investment evaluation within the innovation process
  • Innovative managerial accounting systems in order to improve the effectiveness of the economic management of the enterprise

Production and Technology

  • Consultation on the successful management of change and deviation in accordance with the standards and norms of the given enterprise and when setting product prices based on production, technological and organizational changes
  • Recommendation of those changes to innovative output needed in order to raise the degree of compliance with legislative and price changes
  • Assistance in the inclusion of foreseen savings and other effects in the financial or capacitative plan
  • Assistance with the prediction of the benefits of technical developments as related to the estimated financial performance of a given business

Process Management

  • Process audit / Process analysis of business performance
  • Consultancy in the field of transition to process management
  • The practical use of process management (maturity) models
  • Inclusion of the calculation of effects and savings resulting from technological innovations in the setting of product prices and when using a cost accounting system

Market Research and Analysis  

  • Conducting surveys
  • Quantitative and qualitative interpretation of data
  • Analysis of expected results for options to be applied to foreign markets
  • Evaluation of supplier-customer chains

Analysis and Innovation in Logistical Processes

  • Optimization of storage and supply systems in order to minimalize costs
  • Proposal for the implementation of modern logistics technologies  such as JIT (Just in Time), KANBAN, cross-docking (direct transfer of goods without temporary storage), etc.

Grant Opportunities

  • The search for suitable grant opportunities for your innovative, developmental and/or educational projects
  • Support during the project application process
  • Administrative and economic services for the duration of a project (the processing of monitoring reports, checking for compliance with rules for drawing grants, etc.)

Innovative Auditing

  • Analysis of the business innovation system of the enterprise
  • Identification of the context and of market opportunities
  • The segmentation and prioritization of marketing potential
  • Developmental project proposal for a given business, firm or company
  • Prioritization of the needs of the enterprise as related to its resources
  • Definition of a business offer, its business model and a marketing mix for the primary market segment


  • IT services – product/service development – website, database
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – the realization of proposals for socially responsible projects


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