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Eduroam is an international academic roaming system, providing wireless connection to users in connected organizations. Eduroam provides its users with transparent access to the Internet regardless of the participating organization the user is located at. This principle can be applied not only to Wi-Fi, but also to cable networks that allow the user to connect their own computer. In Eduroam, the user has one identity (the data is stored in his home institution), which entitles them to access all participating networks.

The majority of Czech universities as well as most of the foreign partner universities, which cooperate with MVSO within the Erasmus program, are connected to the Eduroam network. Practically, it means that you will need authorization data (certificates) from your home organization to connect to this network regardless of which university you are logging in at. The access to the Eduroam network is based on secured authentication of the user in their home organization. In order to access the Eduroam network you will need to have a password activated for the Eduroam network. Using this login information you can connect to Eduroam in any organization providing such access. All the premises of MVSO are covered by the Eduroam network.

Authentication is based on special protocol 802.1x which provides a sufficient level of security. All client communication is encrypted on the wireless network.

EDUROAM is a registered trademark of the European association NREN – Terena Company.

For more information visit and (click on the English flag icon for the English version). Login instructions can be downloaded here: HERE


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