Doc. Ing. Eva Sikorová, CSc. - MVSO

Doc. Ing. Eva Sikorová, CSc.

Expert supervisor, academic staff - associate professor at the Department of Business Economics

Doc. Ing. Eva Sikorová, CSc. is the associate professor in the field of Business Economics and Management.

At Moravian Business College Olomouc she works as supervisor of the Bachelor´s study program in Economics and Management and as an academic staff – associate professor at the Department of Business Economics. She is a member of the editorial board of not only the peer-reviewed EMI journal published by MBCO, but also many other journals abroad. She is the chairperson of international scientific commissions of conferences as well as a member of the Methodological Board of the Union of Accountants for non-profit organizations. Furthermore, she is an accredited lecturer and a consultant for guided practice within the framework of the system called Certification of the accountant profession in the Czech Republic. She has participated in supervisory boards of non-profit organizations.

Within the context of improving both the study field Business Economics and Management and the study program Economics and Management, she focuses her publication activity on the following topics: the development of small and medium-sized businesses, corporate social responsibility, the comparison of business entities as well as non-profit organizations, the application of changes in accounting, taxation and other legal acts in the Czech Republic within the framework of international accounting and taxation; all of these topics she has also published on in many scientific journals.

She also focuses on financial analysis and the ways of acquiring both internal and external resources within the context of the application of statistical methods used in scientific papers in scientific journals.

Doc. Sikorová is the author of more than 300 scientific and educational works. Her personal motto says: “Only those who have lost faith in themselves can be considered weak, only those who have set small goals can be considered small“. – Svatopluk Čech


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