Moravian Business College Olomouc (MVŠO) hosted yet another delegation of experts from China at its BEA campus in Olomouc, thanks to Roman Spáčil, head of the Czech-Slovak-Chinese Chamber, who stated: “Our hosts, from Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, have come to Olomouc in order to establish professional and academic  as well as commercial cooperation.“

The purpose of their visit to the BEA campus in Olomouc was to become acquainted with ACT Bridge, a new international concept, on which MVŠO is currently already working with other Chinese partners.

The abbreviation ACT stands for the words Academia, Culture and Communication and Travelling. The´bridge‘ here referred to is the one interconnecting elements of education, culture and travelling between the Czech Republic, in other words we are actually talking about Europe, and the entire world,“  explains Jiří Stavovčík, Director of the Center for International Studies at MVŠO, who not only introduced the entire concept, but also shared MVŠO´s vision in the form of the animated visualization of the growing BEA campus in Olomouc.

MVŠO is preparing, in cooperation with the Bohemian Fantasy Travel Agency, a special program for students and teachers from institutions of higher learning abroad, which will include a professional development aspect consisting of lectures and workshops from the area of economics and management supplemented by a varied program of social events and entertainment aimed at their becoming more familiar with the culture and traditions, not only of the Olomouc region, but of Central Europe in general.

Further representatives of MVŠO provided more details of the ACT Bridge concept: “When we use the word ˇbridge´ in connection with the ACT Bridge concept, we are talking about a unique construction in the sense that one cannot say where it starts and where it ends. Maybe it is better to look at it as a bridge that has two beginnings rather than two ends. It is a meeting place, bringing both sides together in order for them to then mutually benefit from involvement in the cooperative effort. For me personally, the academic aspect is the most interesting part of the overall concept, especially the interconnection of two academic worlds, ours here in Olomouc and, in the best case scenario, the whole world with us.“ adds Menšík.

Like those who came here before them, this Chinese delegation also appreciated this new concept

In fact, this visionary conception, ACT Bridge, makes a lot of sense, also to other interested parties, Chinese delegations who, in the past few weeks, visited the MVŠO at her BEA campus in Olomouc.

I think that the ACT Bridge concept is a very sensible solution to the elimination of the barriers between countries, not only in the academic sphere, but also in the cultural sphere. In China many people are now beginning to realize that cultural diversity should be promoted. And ACT Bridge is one very promising means of achieving this goal,“ was the comment made on this inicitative by MD PhD  David Dewei Ye.




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