About MVSO

Basic Information

Established in 2005, our focus is on education in the areas of economics, management, marketing, information and communications technologies. Our goal is to provide support for entrepreneurship.

Support for Individuality

We offer a modern and practice-oriented system of teaching utilizing a project-based style of teaching in the solving of real-life practical problems. We take an individual approach to students and endeavour to promote socially responsible behaviour in the local region. A study hall is available at the InfoHUB Center Library

Science and Research Activity

Our science and research activities are thematically oriented to the needs of the region (small and medium-sized enterprises) Our publication, the scientific journal EMI (Economic Management Innovation) is included in the ERIH (European Reference Index for the Humanities) and other databases.

Our college is on the List of Research Organizations of the Czech Republic.

Regional Responsibility in combination with Global Awareness

  • support for the sustainable economic development of the Olomouc region
  • close cooperation with the local entrepreneurial environment as well as public administration
  • partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of the Olomouc region and the Bea Center for Work and Business for Olomouc County (BEACPP4OK)
  • student and pedagogical mobility
  • partnerships in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, and other countries

Principles — what we believe in

Higher education is more than just a degree!

  • Students have the opportunity to verify their theoretical knowledge in practice during their studies.
  • They establish useful contacts for building a successful career.
  • Support and assistance is provided to students both before and following graduation, especially when they are at work and doing business.

The Region Needs More Than Just Graduates 

  • close cooperation with primary and secondary schools
  • applied research for local small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions
  • corporate social responsibility projects

It is necessary to acquire knowledge from The Best via

  • student and pedagogical mobility
  • participation in the work of international scientific teams
  • the internationally renowned scientific journal EMI

The Encouragement of Individuality and the Power of Inspiration

  • cooperation with successful personalities and experts
  • involvement of students in the scientific activities of MUCO
  • career planning as an integral part of one´s studies

The Necessity of Value-Anchoring

  • communication of the values of the Euro-Atlantic civilization
  • public service and corporate social responsibility projects
  • shaping the life attitudes of students



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