About MUCO

Basic information

Focus on education 

  • established in 2005,
  • economics, management, marketing, information and communications technologies,
  • support for entrepreneurship.

Modern and practically oriented system of teaching

  • project way of teaching, solving real-life practical problems,
  • individual approach to students,
  • development of the socially responsible behaviour in the region.

Science and research activities

  • are thematically oriented to the needs of the region (small and medium-sized enterprises),
  • publishing the scientific journal EMI (is included in the ERIH + database),
  • inclusion of the university on the List of research organisations of the Czech Republic.

Support for individualities

  • partnership in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, and other countries,
  • student and pedagogical mobility,
  • establishment of the InfoHUB centre (library, study hall, coworking)

Intense connection with the region

  • support for sustainable economic development of the Olomouc region,
  • close cooperation with the entrepreneurial environment and public administration,
  • partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of the Olomouc region and BEACPP4OK.

Principles — what we believe in

Higher education is more than just a degree

  • an opportunity to verify theoretical knowledge in practice during the studies
  • contacts for building a successful career
  • support and assistance to students and graduates at work and business

The region needs more than just graduates

  • close cooperation with primary and secondary schools
  • applied research for local small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions
  • corporate social responsibility projects

It is necessary to acquire knowledge from the best

  • student and pedagogical mobility,
  • participation in the work of international scientific teams
  • the internationally renowned scientific journal EMI

The development of individuality and power of inspiration

  • cooperation with successful personalities and experts
  • involvement of students in the scientific activities of MUCO
  • career planning as a part of studies

The necessity of value-anchoring

  • communication of the values of the Euro-Atlantic civilization
  • public services and corporate social responsibility projects
  • shaping the life attitudes of students


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